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Web-based Voice Communication Tool for Groups: YackPack
YackPack provides a simple audio platform that provides any group a natural and effective method to communicate in a private space on the Internet. With YackPack users can leave asynchronous voice messages and talk in real time with a group. Through the richness of audio, YackPack delivers the return to emotional connections with the people that matter most wherever they live, whatever their language or age, and whenever they want to listen.
YackPack was developed by a start-up company in California. I was responsible for all of YackPack’ s interface design from the very beginning.
June - August 2006
August 2005
April - May 2005
Flash (ActionScript2.0)
Illustrator CS
Photoshop CS


Button designs to optimize ease of use
The interface can express to human relation
The user is always at the center and can place people around themself, either near or far depending on the relationship.
Layer system
YackPack allows for multiple groups. The user can switch easily between groups.
Easy to understand buttons Image of buttons

I paid attention to button design when I created the YackPack interface, version 2.0.
To use YackPack, users have to understand what they are doing and what

they can do as next steps. This interface provides all the information users need by using four buttons.
I designed the buttons to be simple and easily understood.

The flow of operation

Sending messages is simple. There are only three steps: click, talk, and send.

Send a message
Click on recipient who is then highlighted with a blue square. Press the Record button and record your message. When finished recording, press the Send button.
Send a message
When you receive a message,the sender’s name bar is green. Click on message in the archive to play it. Press the Reply button to record a message to the sender.