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Universal visual language : Universal Storytelling
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October 2007 -
Flash CS3 (ActionScript2.0)
Universal Storytelling Link


How do you design a message the world can understand?
In the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab I have identified three elements of visual language : the character, situation, and message. If we can convey the meaning without words, we can communicate with another language people. This idea is based on this research.
I aim an explanatory animation as a new communication tool for all over the world people. And also, there is in situation Internet application and software are globalization at present. I try to use these animation use for help animation.

I created about 20 animations in six month, I gathered people's opinions on internet and at Universal Storytelling reception. As a result, I could find how to understand the message from simple animations and ideal structure of animation. Currently, this research move to next step. I research about Persuasive animation on mobile tool and electronic devices that change the people's behavior. And also, there is in situation Internet application and software are globalization at present. I think we can use these animations use for help animation for all over the world.

An instance of Universal Storytelling
1. The person has a problem.
2. He read a book.
3. He understands each sentence.
4. He finds a solution to the problem.
structure of animation
These animations are using only simple shapes, so viewers have to understand to character and situation at first. After that,
they can understand to the message.
When I design to animation, I’ m conscious of this thing every time. And I’ m calling “Awareness line” that the point of understand to each elements.
I put important message after the point.
The flow of understand
Action is one more meaningful element that explains to character and situation. It exists between with character and situation. The user coming and going with character and situation that can understand to story well. Because they can grasp what happen to each other.

Awareness line
Awareness line exist each element appear to animation.
This line should appear to start of animation. After that, the message can convey to viewer.

Explain of Structure of animation
Three elements of visual language
Humans can interpret simple objects like circles as characters when they take action. The character either interacts with objects to create a situation or becomes the situation by changing states.
Reading a book The circle can read a book, therefore we interpret it as a character
Pick a book from the shelf The circle interacts with the self to create the situation of selecting reading material
Character & Situation
The character processes the reading and creates an internal state of thinking
Core principles of the visual language
I analyzed survey results from 130 international participants to design reoccurring principles of layout, size, and state.
Theses principles govern how characters convey persuasive messages.
Layout plays a strong role in establishing a situation. Participants often interpreted the situation from the layout of characters during the beginning of animations.
Parent & child
Parent and child
Differenaracter relationships.
Characters who are friends hats hape sizes represent power dynamics in chve the same size and horizontal position.
Chainging state
The combination of a “shaking” movement and change of color effectively depicts the emotional states of characters.