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Design to enable memory recall with the five senses
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When we travel, we enjoy our experiences while using all five senses. But when we want to capture the moment, our cameras are limited to recording only visual images and sound. If there was some mechanism in which we were able to record all of our senses in a given moment, it is likely that we can recall our memories more clearly and concisely. We created a concept for a tool based on this idea.
Our approach was to focus on the written word. The written word can express and capture our all senses. Words also enable us to share our specific observations with travel partners and benefit from their observations as well. The written word along side a photo enables a more in depth expression and record of the moment than a photo could alone.
September - December 2004
Flash 8(ActionScript 2.0)
Illustrator CS2
Photoshop CS2


How do we recall our memories?
Present situationarrow
Present situation Currently, a camera can only record images and sound.
Supplement with words
Supplement with words We can express more if we accompany the photos with the written word.
A tool for a new experience
A tool for a new experience
We designed a concept for a tool to more effectively relive memories.
The written word alone cannot sustain our memory.
Shortly after a trip, little by little, the details of our memory would slip away if all we had to rely on was a note. But paired with a photo, we open the door of our memory.
Unlock your memory!