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Supermarket Merchandise Kiosk
Palette for Music
August 2004
Flash MX (ActionScript2.0)
Photoshop 6.0


From store to dining table
When we want to listen to music in the car, our selection of music is influenced by the day, time, place and the tastes of fellow passangers.
How do you select appropriate music? High capacity digital music players allow people to have access to their entire music library, but it can be difficult to know what music to play.
When I created this design, I wanted to find a way to make compiling an appropriate playlist simple and visual. Search tools are useful for finding a single song, but make it difficult to quickly compile a tailored multi-track playlist. The interface can create a playlist by blending colors associated with different genres.
The design was created during an internship at Pioneer.
Today's menu for you
Make a playlist by blending relevant colors on a palette
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Songs have an original color according to genre.
The artist name appears when the group is selected.
Beatles tune data dragged to "Stock Panel"

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When ove to tune page, you select several songs.
Moving to feeling menu, user selects mood.
The song information is moved to the pallet.

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Tunes and feeling menu have original color as is the case with genre.
So, we can create simple jacket of playlist. When many rock tunes are included, in the corresponding color displayed is orange.
Information rotates and mixes, marbling the colors.
Music is automatically selected.
The tune that does the marbling is stocked
Each playlists have other patterns that user can understand as features of each playlist.
The user can stock those playlists on a calender, so people can select those playlist when you have a similar feeling.